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BooleBox Educational: The Cloud Based Solution for the Educational Environment

MILANOct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boole Server, the leading Enterprise Collaboration Solutions Vendor, is delighted to present BooleBox Educational, the first Cloud based solution purposely designed to meet the needs of collaboration, information sharing and data protection of High schools, Colleges and Universities.

BooleBox Educational is an immediately accessible cloud solution that combines security and ease of use for information sharing across the three main areas of collaboration: E-mail, File sharing, and Messaging.

Users benefit from military grade (AES 256) encryptionstorage in Amazon’s world class data center and separation of content and controls. A best-practices approach to sharing and securing information with no infrastructure costs.

BooleBox distinguishes itself for its total security and reliability. It has Personal Key protection for both all content, multiple authentication options and user definable document and e-mail controls – including expiration, confirmation of opening, deny download, dynamic watermark, anti-screen-capture and deter photo shot capabilities.

Thanks to the integration with Office 365, students and administrators can create and manage online contents in one protected environment and collaborate with anyone they need to.

Administrators, students and external collaborators can also communicate securely with BooleBox Secure Mail and BooleBox Secure Chat. These provide real-time email and messaging always protected within the BooleBox safe environment.

BooleBox Educational improves effective collaboration and workflow while ensuring that users meet the security and control obligations of their institution and any government agency requirements up-to and including US NSA top secret encryption levels.

Customers can easily define, control and audit who can access any specific content or category of content. Two factor authentications, directory integration and highly granular controls are just some examples of the flexible control that BooleBox enables.

BooleBox Classification gives the possibility to set a taxonomy of educational institutions information and create a structured governance strategy that is appropriate for administrators, students or other authorized users. All content is automatically protected and made accessible in a selective manner, respecting the institution security policies.

For a perfect auditing analysis, BooleBox Educational has a very detailed and efficient way of filtering and exporting logs. This creates an environment where data leaks, misappropriation of files and unauthorized actions are prevented.

With 1TB of Amazon EC2 S3 storage space available per user BooleBox is providing faculty, students and admini39strators with a generous amount of storage that at a market leading cost per student.

Pricing is uniquely attractive, offering a sliding scale of charges to suit needs of High school, College or University.

Boole Server is global provider of Enterprise Collaboration Solutions.. Boole Server products are now used by over 180 customers in 25 countries. Customers include Riyad Bank, State of Jersey Police, Giorgio Armani and Ferrero — and more than 100,000 worldwide users.

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