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Disaster Recovery – It’s All In The Planning

AUSTIN, Texas, June 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The key component to surviving an IT disaster is to have a plan that you can execute at a moment’s notice. A well thought out plan is critical to a school district’s IT operations and a guarantee of systems reliability.

Donna Independent School District (DISD), located in Donna, Texas, experienced a failure of a storage device within DISD’s Network Operating Center. The cause of the failure is unknown, but may have been the result of thunderstorms that rolled through the area earlier in the day. This failed device included the system running the Total Education Administrative Management Solution (TEAMS). TEAMS is the district’s Enterprise Resource Planning solution and is critical for DISD’s administrative operations. Areas impacted included:

  • Finance Management
  • Human Resources
  • Student Information Management
  • Substitute Management
  • Time & Attendance Management for staff
  • Gradebook & Attendance for teachers
  • Payroll

DISD could not afford to have TEAMS offline, as these are the systems necessary for successfully operating the business of running a school district. The district partnered with Prologic Technology Systems (PTS), by subscribing to Disaster Recovery as a Service. Prologic’s Disaster Recovery service allows for a district’s TEAMS solution to be restored to a hosted environment. PTS utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), an on-demand cloud computing platform from Amazon.com, to host TEAMS.

When the disaster was declared by DISD, on-call technical support staff at PTS received notification and began to execute the DISD Disaster Recovery Plan. PTS restored DISD TEAMS system to a hosted environment within 12 hours of the disaster, with minimal interruption to staff, students, and parents and with zero loss of data within the district. DISD’s planning and partnership with PTS made for a smooth and efficient transition from an on-site hardware solution with multiple servers, to an AWS hosted solution.

TEAMS is a web-based system that end-users access via a web-browser, the staff at DISD were not impacted by the move from an in-district hardware solution, to the hosted-solution. In fact, users benefited from the transition by faster system response, enhanced online security, and 24/7 system monitoring. The success and easy transition to the AWS convinced the district to stay with the hosted solution for TEAMS. The DISD administration had the vision and forethought to effectively plan for and be prepared in the event of a disaster.

About Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.

Prologic is the first advanced technology solution for K-12 school district administration and student management. Prologic’s Total Education Administrative Management Solution (TEAMS ERP™) seamlessly bridges the silos of finance, human resource and student information into a single, cohesive database capable of real-time reporting and simplified collaboration among district teachers, students, administrators and parents. TEAMS ERP is ideal for school districts requiring a robust, yet easy-to-use system that is highly scalable and configurable. Prologic has been solely focused on delivering intelligent software solutions to the K-12 market since 1992. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Calvin Williams


SOURCE Prologic Technology Systems, Inc.

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