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Integration of Digital Health in the Car Unleashes Growth Potential for Strategic Partnerships

Frost & Sullivan’s “Intelligent Mobility” event explores the convergence between the Automotive Industry and Healthcare, Wellness and Wellbeing

LONDON, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The mass introduction of 5G and satellites will lay the foundation for linking the automotive industry up with other industries outside the traditional ecosystem, paving the way for intelligent, cross-segment partnerships. In future cars will see built in, brought in and beamed in / cloud enabled applications of health wellness and well-being in cars. The first step will be the integration of specific devices, such as air condition humidifiers, heart rate sensors in the seal belts, wearables and health apps. On a next level, the vehicle dashboard or augmented reality enabled windshield can be used to display health data such as warnings or statistics on vitals on the passengers until both ecosystems will be perfectly integrated. Along with this trend comes an increased value of data. OEMs and other providers will find new ways to monetise the huge amounts of data they will have access to.
At Frost & Sullivans’s industry event Intelligent Mobility on the 29th of June at the Jumeirah Carlton in London, Olivia Price-Walker, Principal Consultant, Visionary Innovation Group, Frost & Sullivan, will offer more insights and valuable best practices on the role Healthcare, Wellness and Wellbeing will take in the cars of the future. “By 2030 the world of healthcare will be unrecognisable – today’s data giants IBM, Amazon, Google will be our healthcare providers. Our cars, homes and workplaces will be our hospitals. Most of the world will be genome sequenced and precision medicine will be revolutionising accurate healthcare treatment. Healthcare will be democratised, data based, automated and driven by consumers themselves. As new players flood this market is it time for the mobility industry to make their move.”

To download the Intelligent Mobility brochure and register to attend the event, please visit www.frost.com/intmob.

“Today, you might not find your car and your health have much in common but in future both will share key characteristics – they will be highly digitalised, personalised and individualised – so why not combine them?,” finds Olivia Price-Walker. “This can be interpreted as an extension of OEMs long-existing focus on the passengers’ safety. Providing the vehicle owner with convenient and easy to manage built-in, brought-in and cloud-enabled applications will be crucial.”

During its upcoming annual industry event “Intelligent Mobility,” taking place on 29th of June at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in London, Frost & Sullivan will offer visionary insights into the future of mobility from leading OEMs and tier-one suppliers, prominent industry thinkers, policymakers and disruptors from companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Facebook, Renault–Nissan Alliance, the Financial Times, Mahindra & Mahindra, Transport for London, the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, and many more.

Besides focusing on Healthcare and Wellbeing, Intelligent Mobility will bring together industry experts on the Future of Mobility Trends, Freight Delivery and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Moreover, the event will shed light on carefully selected auto tech startups and their particular business models to showcase the extent of disruption the industry faces. The conference will be complemented by a debate at the House of Lords and the Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Awards Banquet, a black tie evening and gala dinner.

A limited number of complimentary passes are available to members of the media. For more information on Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility event, please e-mail Jana Schoeneborn, Corporate Communications, at jana.schoeneborn@frost.com.

View Frost & Sullivan’s video on new mobility business models and the future of Intelligent Mobility here: https://goo.gl/eacFZL

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