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Boole Server Joins Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program

Microsoft Office Online now available on BooleBox Cloud

​​​​​​​​​Working in the Microsoft Office 365 global, secure cloud, allows customers to access Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Excel sheets on a web browser, protected by Boole’s military-level encryption, without any app installation needed.

Now it’s possible thanks to Boole Server – a leading data-centric protection solution provider – which has joined the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program. Boole Server customers now have access to Microsoft Office Online via the BooleBox Cloud, the innovative Boole Server secure sync-and-share platform.

BooleBox Cloud – differing from common cloud computing services – is a military-level encrypted user-friendly platform, able to provide users full control of their data and help protect against non-authorized access.

Cloud computing services can improve a company’s capability to innovate processes and scale, even in a smart working environment. Cloud computing is fast growing: a recent Milan Politecnico study shows that only in Italy has grown 18 percent for a total value of 1.7 billion euros.

“Cooperation and communication internally and externally is crucial for businesses to recover agility, efficiency and productivity. At the same time, recent cybercrime attacks and international cybercrime spying have forced citizens and companies to best protect any kind of private information. Our work with Microsoft goes in this direction and is willing to make these two needs in a simple solution.” said Valerio Pastore, Boole Server president and founder.

“We are excited to have BooleBox participation in the Cloud Storage Partner Program to further extend the availability of Office 365 to BooleBox users,” said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem. “It’s a unique integration that connects Boole Box technology directly to Office Online so that customers have a great experience for reading and editing Office documents stored within their environment.”


Boole Server is one of the first Italian providers of data-centric solutions, customized for small and big businesses. Thanks to military level encryption, Boole Server provides its customers with data protection solutions. BooleBox technology, secure sync and share platform, is able to give full control of a user’s data, helping to avoid non-authorized access, thanks to user-friendly protection tools. Now Boole Server products are distributed in over 25 countries, through a growing partners network. Boole Server can count on over 180 premium customers – among them Qatar Airways, Riyad Bank, State of Jersey Police, Acqua di Parma, Banco BPM – and more than 100.000 worldwide users. http://booleserver.com – http://boolebox.com


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