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Remove Personal Information From the Internet With EraseMugshots.com New Privacy Solutions

Miami, Florida , March 23, 2017 (Newswire.com) – EraseMugshots.com has announced that they have created a new privacy solution that enables people to remove personal information from the internet. They are there to help people restore their privacy by removing personal information, including criminal records, from 30+ services where people can complete background checks.

The Erase Mugshots Service

Erase Mugshots prides itself in delivering a fast and reliable service. In fact, they guarantee that people can have a clean record in as little as 45 days. The service is available to anybody, regardless of personal status or background. Uniquely, EraseMugshots.com offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. What this means is that people can use the service with no risk at all because they can always have their money refunded if they are not satisfied.

Remove Personal Information- Why People Choose Erase Mugshots

EraseMugshots.com helps people clean up for background checks. This has proven to be particularly popular among students, as it has been found that 66.4% of all colleges and universities will run a background check on any applicant, and that the information they find will influence their ultimate decision. Similarly, 96.3% of all prospective employers now perform a background check. Research has also shown that 1 in 3 people are turned down for a job due to these results. Furthermore, employers often re-run a background check at random intervals, particularly when they are considering someone for a promotion. Lastly, online dating is also increasingly popular and 25% of those who use these services will check on a person before they agree to go on a date.

How Erase Mugshots Works

When people sign up with EraseMugshots.com, the latter will do all they can to have personal information and arrest records removed from the 30 biggest background check companies in the world. In so doing, they greatly reduce the risk of people having negative information revealed about them. For Erase Mugshots, the goal is to make sure that people are able to enjoy internet privacy, and they will do all they can to help their clients restore it. The service they offer, therefore, can benefit anybody, particularly those who have had some issues in the past and simply don’t want these to show up, for whatever reason. This can be because they have already paid their debt to society, they were found to be not guilty, or for any other reason.

EraseMugshots.com warns people that the background check services are actually for profit companies who like the world to think they are helping people stay safe, when in actual fact, they hope the people who are listed on their site will pay them to have the information removed. These companies can affect people’s livelihood, where they can work and live, with whom they have relationships with, and more. Erase Mugshots believes everybody should have a fair chance and will do all they can to offer a solution.

Remove Personal Information – The process they use is quite simple:

  1. They analyze the person’s web presence, so that there is a clear list of all the sites on which personal information is listed.
  2. They then move to eliminate all the arrest records from the sites on which they are listed, with a 72 hour turnover time. The solution they offer is total removal.
  3. They then clean up all the information from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. They will request these sites to remove all records and de-index any remaining links. That way, the records will no longer be found at all.

The company always offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and they won’t stop until they have achieved that. They also offer easy payment plans with monthly payments, so that people don’t have to end up in financial difficulty just to be able to get their lives back. The solution is quick, private, and highly effective.

About Erase Mugshots

The company was established in an effort to give people the chance to get their lives back on track. While arrest records are a matter of public knowledge, they should not be available on just any website that wants to publish them. In fact, various lawsuits are currently running to stop this from happening at all. In the meantime, EraseMugshots.com is there to help people get their privacy back quickly and effectively. The company offers fully transparent terms and conditions, which is why they have quickly become so popular. In fact, to date:

  • They have removed over 18,158 individual files.
  • They have serviced over 3,700 satisfied customers.
  • They have over 230 years of combined experience in internet privacy, removal processes, and Search Engine Programming.

Media Manager:
​Adam Parks

Source: Erase Mugshots