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Introducing OFERS – Onboard Flight Emergency Response System

OFERS’ integrated Super Drone could have located, assisted, and even tracked the Malaysia Flight 370 within minutes after its disappearance.

A Plan for Construction of an Onboard Flight Emergency Response System is Unveiled

The worldwide fundraising campaign for the prototype of the innovative brand is launched on indiegogo crowdfunding platform

ean Georges, a Florida based structural design, engineering and manufacturing expert is extremely delighted to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for his latest invention- the Onboard Flight Emergency Response System (OFERS). The invention of the Onboard Flight Emergency Response System was inspired by the Malaysia Flight 370’s disaster and the aim of ending all cases of missing airplanes in the global aviation industry. The primary goal of this campaign is to raise funds for the manufacture of a prototype of the innovative and fascinating brand- the Onboard Flight Emergency Response System, which is now at the concept stage.

According to Jean Georges, “We are extremely excited that after many months of hard work on designing the concept, the crowdfunding campaign for the development of the prototype of our new invention. “The Onboard Flight Emergency Response System” is finally live and running on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo is the ideal platform to launch the campaign for Onboard Flight Emergency Response System because this is a state-of-the-art and creative discovery and an exquisite way of bringing relief and safety to the entire global aviation industry.”

The Onboard Flight Emergency Response System is designed to use drone technology onboard an airplane to monitor the plane while in distress thereby ending the problems of missing planes. The super drone is intended to be silent or unseen while onboard the airplane, with no active Wi-Fi connection whatsoever. However, it only becomes active once the plane is in trouble and the drone is launched either by the pilot or remotely. In such a case, the drone will eventually separate itself from the plane, and track it from above within a safe distance.

Without any doubt, this system will help save more lives simply by getting the rescue team to the crash site sooner while at the same time help skip costly and lengthy search that usually took place after such a disaster.

This campaign, unlike many other crowdfunding campaigns, is not about pre-selling a product which will likely become obsolete or outdated sooner or later. Rather, it’s about impacting the lives of people across the globe for generations to come. “By supporting the campaign for the “Onboard Flight Emergency Response System” on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, investors will prove to be part of this cutting-edge and imaginative concept designed for improvement in aviation safety and security through tracking and location of a plane in distress situation,” stated Jean Georges.

To support the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign or learn more about the “Onboard Flight Emergency Response System” designed for improved safety and security in the global aviation industry visit

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