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SecureAppbox – the first GDPR cloud administration platform on the market

SecureAppbox launch a new cloud service that helps organizations managing their mobile workforce communicating according to GDPR and Privacy by Design principles.

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MWC Barcelona — SecureAppbox, with users in more than 160 countries, launch the first secure cloud administration service that help organizations of all sizes to manage their mobile workforce communicating according to data privacy regulations and Privacy by Design principles.

“We all have obligations to protect client’s personal data. Users must find trust, confidence and data freedom embedded in every web service and App that we download on our mobile devices. This is why data privacy regulations is important and concepts like SecureAppbox and SecureMailbox are needed.”
Anders Jonson CEO of SecureAppbox

SecureAppbox offer your employees, a secure and compliant collaboration environment not just internally but also for your consultants, project members and partners without infringing on their security. SecureMailbox is an integrated part of the SecureAppbox Administration platform where organizations can share messages, files and application data according to Privacy by Design principles. Easy to deploy, anytime anywhere. It just works for everyone in minutes!

The platform has already been awarded a Privasee SEAL for EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ISO/IEC 29100 privacy framework. SecureAppbox was awarded the SEAL for demonstrating compliance with Privacy by Design principles and the new EU regulation, due to replace national data protection laws in all EU member states 2018.

“We are excited about these new opportunities enabling us to connect and collaborate with researchers, clinicians, and patients world wide. Our vision is to build a global network for the benefits of our end-users, patients recovering, which will put the highest demand on security and legality of data transfer and storage, all which SecureAppbox is providing.”
Gunnar Dagnå, CEO of EBP Solutions


More info: http://mwc.vporoom.com/SecureMailbox

Press invitation: Meet CEO Anders Jonson at MWC in Barcelona on Monday (27/2) at 13.30,
Hall 7, Swedish Pavilion (7E41). Contact our PR dep. at pr@securemailbox.com

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