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“Work Safe and Sound”: Device Ends the Risk of Danger in the Workplace

​It is a well-known fact that drugs and alcohol effect an individual’s ability and awareness. No one wants to work beside or with a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Work Safe and Sound is a breathalyzer diagnostic device and employee fingerprint time clock combo with the results of the breathalyzer analysis determining one’s possible intoxication level prior to being allowed to work. The design intent is to provide a practical way in which to determine the blood alcohol level of employees helping to ensure that workers are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and therefore a danger to themselves, their fellow employees, and the company.
The breathalyzer is comprised of a small mouth piece connected to a breathing tube, on the end of which is a small, electrical diagnostic assembly. The unit can administer one of three breathalyzer tests including a Standard, Intoxylizer, and Alcosenser diagnostic test. In this manner, any individual whose blood alcohol level is beyond a predetermined limit would not be allowed to clock-in and work thus alleviating the risk of danger in the work place. The Work Safe and Sound also detects other substances, such as illegal drugs. A fingerprint/thumbprint scanner is incorporated to ensure no one can clock in for someone else. Once the fingerprint is accepted, the user blows into the Work Safe and Sound device, activating the unit. The sophisticated diagnostic software then measures the user’s blood alcohol content and displays this information on the time clock’s LCD screen. The barometer for measurement can be tied into a state or municipality’s legal limit for safe vehicle operation, or per the safety standards determined by each employer. Should the preset limit be exceeded, indicating intoxication as well as unsafe influence of other substances, the impaired worker would not be allowed to utilize the time clock and therefore, not be allowed to work. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Work Safe and Sound.
The Patent Pending Work Safe and Sound was invented by Sergio Contreras Bahena of Downers Grove, IL who said, “Avoiding danger and hazards in the workplace can be difficult when working with other employees under the influence. The Work Safe and Sound will solve that problem for everyone including lowering the costs of liability and workmen’s comp for the employer. It works.”

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