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Commercial Drones and Energy Harvesting Technologies to Reshape Industries Globally

Frost & Sullivan hosts a complimentary briefing discussing growth opportunities, industry convergence and regulations on the latest sensor applications

Innovative sensor technology is expected to disrupt existing business models and applications. Industries are continuously converging to develop groundbreaking products and services to satisfy the discerning consumer and business demands. Therefore, companies should review their portfolio and build a new pipeline of sensor technologies and customized products that would respond to market trends and future regulations.

One of the key sensor technologies disrupting many industries are commercial drones. Precision agriculture, media and filming, and disaster management are set to benefit largely from the use of them. Drones for delivery are a technological revolution that will also add a new dimension to the world of logistics. By embedding highly advanced and incremental transformations, they can raise the operational time, increase load carrying capacity, and improve control.

“The use of drones in logistics for urban and hard to reach locations will remodel distribution and delivery services. It will open up new opportunities for logistics service providers as well as technology companies,” explains Gopal R., Transportation & Logistics Global Vice President at Frost & Sullivan.

To attend the webinar, please click here or email Mariana Fernandez, Corporate Communications: mariana.fernandez@frost.com

Another sensor technology that will pave the way to energy savings, thanks to self-powered wireless switches, sensors, and controls, is energy harvesting. “Identifying emerging opportunities for these top sensor technologies can help companies to target their research and development activities as well as exploit new areas of growth and explore untapped areas of investment,” says Sitanshu Shastri, TechVision Research Analyst, at Frost & Sullivan.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Discover new technology trends, innovations and regulations, and how they come together to give rise to futuristic ideas.
  • Learn about the top 10 sensor and instrumentation technologies with a key focus toward commercial drones and energy harvesting.
  • Explore new avenues of development and hot opportunities for stakeholders.

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