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Putting Artificial Intelligence in the Hands of Individual Investors

CHICAGO, Feb. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — For the self-directed trader, guidance often comes in the form of services and programs which advertise rapid and exponential gains. It is largely hierarchical, with commands being sent down to subscribers and little to no access to those who are giving the commands. Tradespoon’s approach to self-directed trading aims to truly democratize financial technology.

“Tradespoon’s philosophy is simple: direct access to advanced technology will empower the average investor, and leveling the financial playing field is inherently good,” said Vlad Karpel, CEO and founder of Tradespoon. “We serve a growing community of members who are hungry for institutional-grade technology.”

Most retail investment technology services use traditional technical analysis, composed of simple mathematical formulas, standard deviations, and general statistical formulas. These formulas are applied to elaborate real-time data structures but fail to offer the user a true edge.

“The stock market is full of unstructured noise and hidden relationships every day. Making sense of this data requires living, breathing mechanisms that can self-learn in real time. For the past two years Tradespoon’s founding team has invested more than $1 million to build a new kind of platform for investors.” Karpel also said that their platform is pending patent approval.

Tradespoon employs an array of components, guided by artificial intelligence, which are constantly learning and improving. Artificial neural networks behave like humans–making assumptions and rigorously testing them to reach the most logical conclusions. In the case of Tradespoon, a neural network performs back-testing against its own algorithms. Other advanced components of this system include Adaptive Harmonics, Statistical Spectral Analysis, and Digital Filtration.

More than 10,000 traders have used Tradespoon’s platform to help make decisions on when to enter and exit the market. In that same period of time, over 150 backtests were performed, showing a 75% success rate for signals generated. Annually, Tradespoon runs more than 50 special educational events, more than 100 unique educational workshops and over 200 short-length training modules which are available to both free and paid members.

The core of the Tradespoon technology is the Tradespoon Stock Forecast Toolbox, a suite of tools with the ability to search any stock or ETF and generate intraday, 10-day, and 6 month predictions. Prediction windows will show both future predictions, as well as historical predictions and how they compared to the real performance of the stock.

About Tradespoon:
Tradespoon builds and manages advanced predictive analytics platforms for self-directed investors. Vlad Karpel, CEO & Founder, served as Head of Technology for OptionsXpress, a retail options trading platform acquired by Charles Schwab in 2007. He has extensive experience in financial technology and has consulted for a variety of hedge funds in Chicago. Details about its innovative technology, and business model are available at www.tradespoon.com.

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