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Artificial Intelligence Start-Up datalog.ai® Introduces a Breakthrough Natural Language Understanding Platform for Bots and Virtual Assistants

MyPolly™ Enables Continuous Dialogue Between Humans and Bots

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — datalog.ai®, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up that brings human-like conversation to bots, virtual assistants, IoT devices, and business applications, has today achieved a major breakthrough in AI with its launch of the MyPollyTM platform. MyPolly is the world’s first product that introduces continuous conversation via natural language understanding. MyPolly, which is currently in closed beta testing for developers and bot builders, enables virtual assistants and bots to interpret a human’s input, making MyPolly “smarter” over time.

Jack Crawford, Founder and CEO of datalog.ai and Malaikannan Sankarasubbu, Founder and CTO, started the company last year to equip bots and virtual assistants to intelligently remember associations between words and things. For example, you might say to your virtual assistant, “My dog’s name is Sebastian.” Later in the dialogue, MyPolly would recall your dog’s name. The AI learns that Sebastian is your pet, becoming more personalized over time, enabling you to have an ongoing conversation with your virtual assistant or bot.

Alongside other visionaries in the artificial intelligence community, Crawford will be giving a presentation introducing this unprecedented technology at the RE•WORK Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco on Friday, January 27th, 2017. “Today’s AI is not meeting what consumers crave,” said Crawford. “Most bots only allow for a single response to a single question. Current home devices can understand speech, yet fail to incorporate past interactions, requests, or habits that the consumer has exhibited. We are here to change that.”

Sankarasubbu explains, “Human conversations are contextual, and our personal responses are based on previous things we have said or heard. We can now deliver stateful human-like continuous conversation using artificial intelligence with MyPolly.”

And MyPolly is already piquing interest in the startup community. “We are excited to join the MyPolly beta, and look forward to exploring applications of datalog.ai’s technology for our community of VR story builders,” remarks Miguel Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Weavr.Space

Following a $3 million private investment, datalog.ai began working on the MyPolly platform in May 2016. With a lean team, the company creates innovations within a fast-paced, nimble environment achieving continued advancements of the MyPolly platform.

Susan Aroyan, Chief Marketing Officer at datalog.ai, points out that “Our groundbreaking AI platform is also designed for use across non-profit organizations, government agencies, and multiple industries.”

“MyPolly’s natural language understanding is opening up a new world of opportunities for us. We are excited to gain early access to MyPolly through our partnership with datalog.ai,” states Pravin Kumar, CEO of SMhack.

For additional information or to be added to the waiting list for the closed beta, please visit MyPolly.ai or reach out to the contact person below. You may also keep up to date with MyPolly and other datalog.ai developments on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About datalog.ai

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Jack Crawford, and industry technologist, Malaikannan Sankarasubbu, datalog.ai aims to be the industry leader in artificial intelligence technologies that can be integrated within robots, IoT devices, enterprise applications, virtual assistants and chatbots.

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Emma Davila
dba datalog.ai

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