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Google’s new PhotoScan App helps you save time when digitizing photo prints

Have you ever spent a lot of time digitizing photos using a flatbed scanner? Over the years, I know I have spent dozens of hours digitizing photo prints for various occasions. Fortunately, Google recently released an app called PhotoScan to make it easier for people that are tasked with digitizing photos. And you can download Google PhotoScan on iOS and Android.

Here is a video demo that Google put together that describes how Google PhotoScan works:

The PhotoScan app opens up your smartphone camera and asks you to position a printed photo within the frame. After you line up the printed photo within the frame, you will need to tap on the shutter button. The shutter button triggers the flash and shows four white circles on the corners of the printed photo. Once you hover your phone camera above each white circle, PhotoScan will automatically crop, remove the light glare and enhance the photos. And after the photo is processed, you can manually adjust the corners and rotate as necessary.

When you are finished digitizing your photos, you can save all of the scans to your camera roll with one tap. After the photos are added to the camera roll, you will see a confirmation and a button to open the Google Photos app where the scans can be viewed.